20 Hour Candles - The Burn + Bloom Collection

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The Burn + Bloom Collection -

This beautiful amber glass candle not only compliments any home interior decor, but also carries with it an extra special design of a naturally flowering label. Remove the label, plant it, watch it grow. Click Here for more information on this unique feature.

Minimum 20 Hour Burning Time | 12cl

Total Dimensions (with lid): 62mm High x 62mm Dia.
Net weight: 90g approx.
Burn Time: 20 hrs approx.

The paper labels on our Flower Diffusers, refills and Burn + Bloom Collection Candles have been embedded with the seeds of wildflowers. The paper is handmade and not pressed in the same way as traditional paper this is to avoid crushing of the seeds. The seeds have a germination rate of 85% and you can expect to see flowers such as pink and red poppies, common daisy, gloriosa daisy, black eyed susan, annual and perennial wildflower mixes. See instructions on how to plant your label here.

Due to current supply chain issues within the UK, the lid supplied with this candle may be either silver or black as pictured.


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