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I discovered this brand in my lovely Wells Next the Sea

Just received my little treats today. They came really quickly and efficiently. They are wonderful and I have just lit one of the wax melts as I was feeling a bit down today A new one for me, Cherry and Fig. It is super. I ordered lots of my favourite lemon and lime to last me the summer months. I have also got a candle which I have not had before but I am sure it will be an addition to my addiction to this brand.

Wax Melts

I bought a mixed box of melts from a gift shop and absolutely loved them, I placed an order the next day and joined the monthly subscription box, I would highly recommend, and I can't wait for my subscription box in June

Lavender Diffuser Refil

Really lovely diffuser refill with a long lasting fragrance. Suitable for any room in the house.

Wax melts

Beautiful quality melts with a long lasting scent. Got them on offer so good value too!

First Order

Wow what a find first order received and very impressed. Happy to be in the Candle Brand family.

Amazing products!

I met some of the team at the Clean & Tidy show this weekend, and got myself a burner and some melts. They are absolutely amazing!
Lots of choice with the scents, and I am looking forward to trying some different scents moving into the winter months!

Wax melts

I love using the wax melts from the Candle Brand family. I'm delighted that I know my home always smells welcoming


Absolutely banging melts and candles! I shop nowhere else for them!!!
Absolute faaaaaaave!!! X

Amazing customer service

It was a few weeks ago now when I had placed an order and I bought a couple of things including wax melts, an oil burner and 2 scents of diffusers, everything arrived on time and I was delighted with everything, the only thing that there was a slight problem with was the oil burner which had a slight chip/slight broken but I messaged the customer service team about it and they sent me out a new one for free and apologised and even sent me 2 or 3 little free wax melts with the new oil burner too as a sorry! I thought this was really lovely of them and I really appreciated it! They really did go above and beyond, (thank you again!) I will definitely be ordering from this little family owned business again! A great experience and lovely quality products!

The Candle Brand
Diane Barningham
Looks beautiful and smells gorgeous

Never disappointed with the quality of these products, recently purchased a lychee with peony diffuser, it looks and smells wonderful, I can tell a great deal of care has gone into producing such beautifully packaged, gorgeous scents....

The Candle Brand
Liz Nolan
Nicely packaged

The diffuser arrived in a lovely box, and the flower reeds are very pretty. However, I’m disappointed that after only a few days, the perfume seems to have disappeared, I can no longer smell it when I walk into the room. The bottle is also very small.

The Candle Brand
Karen Middleton
Quality at an affordable price

I've recently purchased a diffuser, a candle and a selection of wax melts, all I can say is wow! Nicely packaged and beautifully fragranced products at a really affordable price.

Incredible scent

Just purchased my 2nd & 3rd dark honey & pepper diffusers. They are incredible!! I don’t ever remember buying diffusers over & over again but these are amazing. One diffuser with 3 flowers in has scented my whole house for months! Please don’t discontinue this gorgeous scent.

The Candle Brand
Elizabeth Turner
Incredible scent

Just purchased my 2nd & 3rd dark honey & pepper diffusers. They are incredible!! I don’t ever remember buying diffusers over & over again but these are amazing. One diffuser with 3 flowers in has scented my whole house for months! Please don’t discontinue this gorgeous scent.

The Candle Brand
Susan Bartram
Great smell

The candle burns evenly and smells amazing

The Candle Brand
James Monteith
Perfect scent

Exactly what we wanted from this candle

The Candle Brand
Sarah Greaves
Pick and Mix Melts

Perfect for for indecisive people wanting to try out new smells.

The Candle Brand
Pat Wewbb
the gift that keeps on giving

love these candles as they seem to go on for ever and the perfume lasts and lasts.

The Candle Brand
Sonia Cresswell
Wax melts

I have got my chamomile and cedarwood burning at present and find it not very strong unlike the others I've used...maybez it's just me but I like strong...with this 1 I have to stand over it to smell it...loved the others I've used so far 🙂🙂

The Candle Brand
Claire Tomassini
House Burner

I was excited to gift a friend the lovely House Burner, with mixed scented wax melts, however, as much as she loves it, she is unable to have the candle burning in the house burner for very long. It seems to snuff out very quickly, possibly because the hole is too small. As a result, she can't burn any wax melts with it, which is a real shame. Not sure what the answer to that is. Currently displayed as an ornament instead :(
Although I have to say, excellent customer experience during purchase.

I discovered this lovely company in lockdown via Instagram and like many others, totally obsessed!
Everything smells out of this world amazing, never had any issues with any products, they’ve all been to the same high standard. I love supporting local businesses and The Candle Brand has to be my favourite of them all. So many people have loved the gifts I’ve given them, especially the reed diffusers.
It’s been wonderful seeing this business grow and develop in such a challenging time.
I highly recommend the subscription wax melts, can’t wait to see what the future brings and thank you for making my house and home with these incredible smells!

The best!

I'm so glad I stumbled across the candle brand on Instagram. I will never purchase a candle/wax melt or reed diffuser anywhere else.

I love the fact that it's a local family business and everything has been made and tested with such care and love for the product.

I also love the unique reed diffusers, they're beautiful.
My go to is the wax melts, the scents are like nothing else.

Packaging is also so eco conscious so I don't ever feel guilty about buying a treat for myself and I'm not also bringing lots of packaging into my home that can't be recycled...

They're also amazing to gift, I've gifted wax melts and burners to friends who are now also hooked.

All in all amazing and will be purchasing for years to come!

I'm in love

I won't shop anywhere else now that I have found The Candle Brand! The wax melts and candles are lovely and strong. Fill every room, even up the stairs. They do not have that chemical type smell at all!