A Little About TCB

OUR MISSION IS TO: Incorporate home fragrance with interior styling.

We are the UK's fastest growing family run home fragrance business Est 2018. Each of our products are unique, hand made using traditional manufacturing methods and different to what else is on the market. Not only that but we are a vegan friendly, Eco conscious business that is 100% plastic free. We have a large social media following and we listen to our customers, often working with them to perfect or develop our products.

We specialise in leading the market with creating unique and innovative products that are not just home fragrances but are incorporated with interior styling. We are currently finalists at The Gift of the Year awards with two products over five categories, The Burn + Bloom Candle Collection and The Flower Diffuser.

Lets take a look into our range.

Our Candles:

We use 100% coconut and rapeseed wax that is vegan friendly, free from paraffin, palm, soy, beeswax, dyes and synthetic additives. The wooden wicks are sourced from a company that donate a percentage of each sale to trees for the future. It's a fact, our customers help plant trees making them eco-friendly and minimising the impact we make on our beloved earth! Every fragrance we use is carefully inspected to ensure the ingredients are free from any severe hazards to health, making them safer to burn in your family home. The Burn + Bloom Candle Collection includes an extra special design of being able to plant the label which has been embedded with the seeds of wild flowers.

Wax Melts:

100% coconut and rapeseed melts infused with natural botanicals and carefully selected oils. Packaged and presented in 100% recyclable, bio-degradable packaging. Our popular Pick + Mix Mini Melt selection are individual copys of our larger bars and are presented in a branded cotton draw string bag.

Flower Diffusers:

A diffuser with a difference incorporating home fragrance with interior styling. The beautiful flower bouquet is hand made from thin slices of sola wood. Fuelled with both reeds and a cotton rope to provide aroma strength and stability of our combined fragrance that is non toxic, eco friendly, and made from a renewable source. Alike our Burn and Bloom Candles our Flower Diffuser includes an extra special design of being able to plant the label which has been embedded with the seeds of wild flowers.


WHY WE STARTED by Christina Brand


I wanted this part to come straight from me. 'why we started' and 'about us' is such a broad and unrelatable term, because in 2018 The Candle Brand started with me. So why did I start TCB? The main beginnings came from when I started maternity leave with my first daughter Ruby.

Having always been entrepreneurial, opinionated and relentless at striving to do better, I wasn't going back to the corporate world I lived in. It was a dream of mine to start a business and build something so successful that would pass to my children to live and learn from. On a personal level I am a 'comfy' type of girl; straight home and into pyjamas, candles on, fire alight.

I took a course in candle making during my maternity leave and it sparked a light inside me that grew into a fire. What stood out was learning about the ingredients of candles and how they are made, I am sure that you will not be surprised with what I found. Some fragrances come with hazard warnings such as 'known to damage fertility', 'cancer causing', it scared me.

For 2 years I researched and vigorously tested in order to create products that were safer for families, safety tested, vegan, Eco friendly and sustainable. But it didn't stop there because I wanted to create something special and unique incorporating interior styling, not just another standard candle or home fragrance product. The Candle Brand is the whole package.

Now a family run team of four, locally made in Norfolk. I hope you love our products as much as we do. 

Christina Brand

The Candle Brand LTD 12168721.