What are Refillables?

One Candle, One Jar, Keep Filling.

The Candle Brand Refillables collection gives our customers the opportunity to reuse their candle jars, without having to buy new jars every time your candles have come to an end! Enjoy numerous fragrances using the same candle jars, saving you money and looking after our planet better!

Choose your Refillable Jar

If you are new to our refillables candle collection, start by purchasing your first refillable jar.

Choose your Candle Wax Fill

Choose your favourite fragrance Candle Wax Fill. If you already have one of our Refillable Jars, then this is all you need.

Create and Refill your Candles!

Simply remove your sticky dot cover on the bottom of the wax fill. Then pop your new Candle Wax Fill into your Refillable Jar. Light and Enjoy.


Get an automatic 10% off a Candle Wax Fill when purchasing a Refillable Jar. Simply add both to your cart for the discount to trigger, no code is needed.

The wax needs to be removed, along with the sticky dot keeping your wick in place.

Option 1 - Place your jar in the fridge for an hour. Then use a blunt knife or other tool to carefully break the wax apart and remove.

Option 2 - Carefully fill a bowl of hot water and place your jar inside. This should melt the wax enough to be removed with a blunt knife or other tool.

Important notes

- Always be careful to remove the wax in a way that will not harm yourself or damage your jar. If you need further assistance, please contact us hello@thecandlebrand.co.uk.

Simply wash your jar with warm soapy water. Make sure that most of the surface wax has been removed and disposed of in your general waste bin.

Unwrap your Candle Wax Fill making sure to remove all traces of packaging, and you will be left with your scented wax fill.

Remove the label on the bottom to reveal a sticker wick pad, and then drop your fill into the jar.

Light and Enjoy.

Please do not burn your Candle Wax Fill without a Refillable Jar!

Our wax fills are not designed to be used without a vessel. The candle will burn all the way to the edge and create a huge wax pool.

The wax fills are designed to only be used with the exact shape of our Refillable Jars. If ever used with any other vessel, we cannot guarantee the quality of the burn.

We use a blend of coconut and rapeseed wax. It's so elegant and smooth, vegan, eco-friendly, and we just love it!