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Scent Escapism

Wax Melts are a really cheap and effective way to use your sense of smell to alter your emotions, and feelings within your space, in this blog post I will be giving you some ideas on how you can use some of our products in your home.

With 2020 having been such a tough year for everyone, it is important that from here on, we focus on caring for ourselves. There is a lot going on in the world right now that we cannot control, so let’s focus our energies on getting our heads in the right place, focussed, grounded and re energised.

With a lot of people in the world being stuck at home most of the time, with really nowhere else we can go to escape mentally, scent escapism is a really good way to get started, to take control of the one thing we should, our mental wellbeing.  In 2020 during the pandemic, our living rooms became our classrooms, offices and relaxation space. Our homes started to feel less like home and more like a trap. This needs to change in the upcoming new year, and we can help you with that!

We all know how tingling our different senses can alter the way we feel, a massive one being our sense of smell! Here at The Candle Brand we have created a wide range of scents which evoke your emotions in different ways.
Have you ever thought about the fact that you could have different scents in different rooms, at different times of day? Each room can create a new feeling, a new atmosphere, its all about getting the ‘feng shui’ right, and this is more important than ever before.


Wake up to a zesty lemony fresh smell to get you motivated for the day and recharge those senses. We have ‘Eucalyptus and lemon’ here at The Candle Brand, if you placed one of our flower diffusers in your kitchen (let’s face it, the kitchen is the one room we really need to feel motivated) then when you get up in the morning and go to make your morning tea or coffee, you can instantly feel invigorated when you smell that fresh zesty aroma!

For a more ‘homely’ and wintery vibe, we have a wide range of wax melts that can fill a room with aroma. Wax melts are great for relaxation, with that warm flickering flame of the tea light and the calming sensation of watching the wax melt away in the burner, leaving the beautiful botanicals revealed and graciously floating in the oils.

Living Room

Whether you need a calm in your storm during home schooling, or need to reset your mind after a stressful morning of working from home, or even if your children have created chaos in your living room and you just want your house to smell clean at least (as long as your house smells clean, its clean right?) then pop one of our ‘Jasmine and Frankincense’ wax melts in your burner, these a safe to burn around the family, as long as your burner is out of little hands reach of course. Jasmine and Frankincense will help you and your family focus, keep your mind grounded for the rest of the challenges that the day might bring. Our fragrance ‘Lilly and white rose’ is another scent we have created which will uplift your mind and revive your thoughts; Get your mind back on the right track and inspire those positive emotions to flow. 
When the study books are tidied away, your laptop is closed and you are off the clock, try lighting a ‘Norfolk Gin’ Wax melt or one of our candles, this will help you to detoxify your mind, unwind and refresh your space.


As we cannot go to a spa right now, and are yearning for the escape of our reality, get that spa feeling in the safe sanctuary that is your bathroom! In the evening when all the jobs are done, and you are winding down from the day, burn one of our ‘Chamomile and Cedarwood’ Wax melt cubes alongside some mellowing music in your bathroom while you are having a hot relaxing bath, close the door and take some ‘me time’, let your bathroom become a safe space to wind down and gather your thoughts. Chamomile is so calming, it will help to minimise your anxious feelings, calm your mind and body, and allow your thoughts to fade away into a bath of relaxation.
If you aren’t a bath person, keep a Chamomile and Cedarwood diffuser in your bathroom, have a hot steamy shower, and get ready for those calming aromas to fill your bathroom in the steam of your shower, get that steam room feeling! 
Alternately, you could have ‘Very Vanilla’ in your bathroom, which helps to calm, compose and recharge!  


Lavender is renowned for its relaxation properties, it’s also great to smell just before you go to bed. To calm your mind and your senses, burning a ‘Lavender with Clary Sage’ Wax melt in your burner before bed will fill your Bedroom with an aroma of relaxation. Be sure to blow it out before you drift off into your now deep and fulfilling sleep. A Lavender with Clary sage Flower Diffuser also would be great to have on your bedside table, to smell all night long, contributing to a long restful sleep.

I have only listed a few of our stimulating scents during this blog post, however we have so many more that can do so many things for you and your emotions, here is a list below of the other scents we have available and how they can affect the way you feel.

Lychee with Peony - Regenerate, enhance and soothe.                  

Tropical Fruits - Boost, enrich and strengthen.                   
Plum and Rhubarb - Boost, enlighten and desire.
Violet and Orange Blossom - Soothe, relax and refresh.
Sandalwood Musk - Balance, repose and Enlighten.
Coconut and Peach - Soothe, relieve and relax.
Peony and Rose - Embrace, inspire and love.

I hope you feel inspired after reading this blog post and feel like you can start to get back in control of your life using the power of the mind and your senses. Enjoy your Scent Escapism

Stay safe, 
Ellie at The Candle Brand 

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