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Updated: Oct 14, 2018

The Candle Brand is a family run business from a countryside village in Norfolk. My family have always LOVED candles, but when I became pregnant with our little girl, I couldn't help but become weary of what I was burning. After A LOT of research, I found that their was major controversy around whether burning paraffin candles was okay for health OR not. Through further digging, it became apparent that the wax was not the only concerns to have. In actual fact all other ingredients found in candles could be harmful; the wick; the fragrance oils; and other wax additives. Therefore I decided to start making soy wax candles that I could ensure were safe to burn around my whole family. And alas, The Candle Brand was born.

With immense passion and dedication, I have tested different combinations of wax, wicks and fragrances to produce our first collection 'The Classic Ones'. Each soy wax candle is lovingly hand poured using natural wooden wicks and with no other additives. The fragrance oils I choose to use are of high quality, and the vapours have no hazards or risks to sensitive children or pets.


We currently have 5 scents in beautiful glass containers and wooden lids. As we develop The Candle Brand I hope to expand our range with new scents, different sizes, and venture into new products and collections. We are are excited for the future and we hope you love our candles just as much as we do!

Christina Brand and Ruby Meet the Owners of The Candle Brand

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