How to remove wax from your candle jars. reuse/ recycle.

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

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In this video I use our jars from our collection 'The Classic Ones' as an example. However you can also do this with our sample scent pots just on a smaller scale.

Please be careful when working with heated appliances and hot water for obvious reasons. But I also need to emphasise that CANDLES ARE FLAMMABLE, and so make sure that you do not forget about them in the oven. And definitely do not use the microwave for a quicker solution.

Why recycle your glass jars?

Aside from the fact that you paid for them so you might as well, and that they are simply gorgeous containers; Glass recycling helps the environment.

A few fun facts -

  • Every recycled glass extends the life of our increasingly scarce landfill sites and conserves the British countryside.

  • In terms of weight, glass makes up about 8% of the household waste stream. Any increase in the amount of glass recycled means savings on waste collection and disposal costs, which are increasing due to landfill tax.

Glass is great when it comes to recycling as all bottles and jars are 100% recyclable and every household has a system in place to recycle their glass packaging when it's finished with. Every Individual can play an active part in recycling, this is the first step to becoming an environmentally active consumer.

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In the next Blog I will be showing you creative ideas, and genius ways, that you can reuse and transform all your glass jars from The Candle Brand

Christina Brand

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