creative ideas on what to do with your used candle jars and sample pots.

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

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We have shown you how to clean out your old candle jars and sample pots, so now we want to share with you some ideas on how to reuse those empty containers. Don't forget about your candle lids! Many of these ideas are perfect to use with your timber lids, even if they are just used as a decoration stand for your jar, or for unit protection.

Storage ideas

  • Kitchen storage - Use our large glass jars to store all sorts of things in your kitchen. From food you can keep in the fridge, to dry food for your cupboards such as pasta, oats, rice or oxo cubes. Another unique storage idea is to use them for your tea, coffee and sugar stores, perfect for any country style home decor. Our little sample pots are a perfect size to use them as pack lunch pots for your baby food; or to store your spices.

  • Bedroom / nursery storage - The list is pretty much endless with what you could store from your bedroom; hair accessories, makeup brushes, cotton buds, jewellery. Our little sample pots would be especially handy to store your little earrings, never loose an earring back again. For your nursery you can store dummies or cotton pads. Or the little sample pots are brilliant for taking a little sudocrem out with you if needed.

  • Bathroom storage - They make a really classy toothpaste and toothbrush holder. Maybe even leave the label on from your Mum It Like A Boss Candle, for a unique and funny design that all your guests will love.

  • Office storage - Everyone needs somewhere to store their stationary which some days disappear then reappear, am I right? I used to have a 'stationary drawer' which became cluttered almost instantly after I cleared it out, and I never used to be able to be able to find my favourite pens. Not any more as I use these jars to store everything from pens and pencils, to my scissors and rulers. The sample scent pots are great for storing the little things such as paper clips and pins.

Decorative Ideas

  • A flower vase - Flowers cut to fit into our glass jars look contemporary and modern. Place them on your window sill or table as a centrepiece feature.

  • A Planter - Using as a planter will create a nice home for any small cactus or succulent.

  • Potpourii jar - Our jars are perfect for holding scented porpourii. Simply stand as a decoration, and pop the lid on to contain the fragrance and make it last longer.

  • Unique photo frame - Insert your favourite photo, pop the lid on, and turn your jar upside down. Place anywhere around your home for others to fall in love with your unique feature.

  • Light display - Use battery powered fairy lights to light them up. Perfect for any occasion, but especially for Christmas! (yes I said it)

  • Liqueur glasses - The jars are made of thick beautiful glass making them an excellent liqueur glass or otherwise. Start collecting and you will soon have an eclectic collection which will look amazing at your next dinner party. Feeling creative?

  • DIY Body scrub - Make your own body scrub in your empty candle jar by mixing 1 part granulated sugar with 2 parts coconut oil. You could even add some essential oils such as lavender or vanilla extract for some extra decadence.

  • DIY Air freshener - Make your own air freshener by filling 3/4 of baking soda and adding 5-10 drops of your favourite essential oil. Use your lid to contain your fragrance to make it last longer.

Click on this link to watch our 1 minute video of a few of these ideas put into action..

So there you have it! There are so many ways that you can reuse your finished candles, big or small! Tag us in your Instagram images if you try any of these @thecandlebrand, we would love to see your works of art.

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