Naturally Flowering Labels


The Plantable Label;
embedded with the seeds of wild flowers.

The wrap-around paper has been handmade from recycled fibres and is not pressed in the same way as traditional paper, this is to avoid crushing of the seeds. Simply plant your label and you can expect to see flowers such as; pink and red poppies, common daisies, the gloriosa daisy, black eyed susan, and other annual and perennial wild flower mixes grow.

How to plant your label

  1. Remove the label and soak in water for 12 hours allowing the seeds to swell for germination.
  2. Cover with a thin layer of soil, keep moist until the seeds have established. Spray daily and handle with care.
  3. Germination time is usually 7-10 days. Best planted in late spring to early summer, and best survival rate is when grown indoors. Success rate 85%.
 Products which feature the seeded label will come with instructions on how to plant.

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