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Modern. Handcrafted. Refined.
Our Philosophy:

To provide families with safer home fragrances that are also designed to enhance the mood, stimulate the senses and inspire memories.

After years of passion and dedication The Candle Brand have formulated fragrance blends that are safer to burn and diffuse without failure to perform. All products are handmade using the highest quality ingredients. We make conscious decisions about every part of our business - from the materials we work with to the eco-friendly packaging we use.

Our Candles:

Our wax is carefully produced with Natural Vegetable Waxes and Bees Wax. Our Botanical Wax Melts do not contain any Beeswax and are therefore classed as 100% Vegan. The wooden wicks we use in our candles are eco-friendly and minimise the impact on our beloved earth. We source from a company that donate a percentage of each sale to trees for the future. It's a fact, our customers help plant trees! Our promise to you, is that every fragrance we use is carefully inspected to ensure the ingredients are free from any severe hazards to health, making them safer to burn in yo
ur family home. 

Our Flower Diffusers:

The Candle Brand is home to the unique Flower Diffusers. Each flower is delicate and unique, carefully handmade from thin slices of sola wood. The Cotton Rope Flowers quickly absorb the fragrance, and become saturated in your chosen scent providing a strong aroma. The Reed Flowers continue to provide aroma stability by gradually drawing the scent through each reed, and diffusing through each petal.

Crafted with care and honesty in the heart of the Norfolk Countryside, we are proud to be local. Each and every product is hand poured and individually approved before leaving our workshop, as high quality is what we do.

100% Natural Wax Candles. Vegan Friendly Wax Melts. Hand Poured in Norfolk, United Kingdom.

Listen to our live interview..
We were contacted by Radio Norfolk to discuss the health concerns behind scented candles, and to explain what you should look out for.

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All our wax is 100% Natural for a cleaner non-toxic burn.
Vegan Friendly Wax Melts.

Individually hand poured for a perfect finish.

Made in Norfolk, United Kingdom.

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.North Green, IP21 4XY. UK. 
email@thecandlebrand.co.uk. 07736502651.